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Maryland Handgun Qualification License ( HQL)

Maryland Wear & Carry Permit ( Conceal Carry ) :

Personal Safety:

“Color Code”

One of the most widespread and effective defensive tools we have today is the Color Code. This concise and efficient way to gauge—and engage—our own, individual, levels of awareness, was introduced by the late Col. Jeff Cooper, founder of the Gunsite Academy and “Father of the Modern Technique.”  His concept is simple. “White” is code for our being unaware and thus unprepared; clueless. “Yellow” means we’re observant and alert, casually processing what’s going on around us. We should try to live in Yellow.  When something has gotten our attention—and not for good reasons—we enter “Orange.” In Orange, we’ve noted specific potential threats, we evaluate and assess. From Orange, we may quickly enter “Red.” In Red, we are focused and ready to act; whether that means we cross the street to avoid a problem, or we engage in a more defensive behavior if necessary.  Armed with just these definitions, those who use the Color Code to stay vigilant to the world around them can prompt themselves and their companions. The Color Code is a standard of preparedness and thus an enhancement of our ability to avoid or face threats.

Seven Tips To Prevent/Survive A Carjacking:

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Weighty Decisions: Considerations When Choosing a Bullet Weight:

Ammunition Info & Testing:

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